Acceptable Year of the Lord Embraces Jesus’ Miracles and Death

Cyril of Alexandria: What does preaching the acceptable year of the Lord mean? It signifies the joyful tidings of his own advent, that the time of the Lord-yes, the Son-had arrived. For that was the acceptable year in which Christ was crucified on our behalf, because we then were made acceptable to God the Father as the fruit borne by him. That is why the Lord said, “When I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men to myself.” Truly he returned to life the third day, having trampled on the power of death. After that resurrection he said to his disciples, “All power has been given to me.” That too is in every respect an acceptable year. In it we were received into his family and were admitted to him, having washed away sin by holy baptism, and been made partakers of his divine nature by the communion of the Holy Spirit. That too is an acceptable year, in which he manifested his glory by inexpressible miracles. Commentary on Luke, Homily 12