July 7th – 12th

“With us everything should be secondary compared to our concern with children, and their upbringing in the instruction and teaching of the Lord.” – St. John Chrysostom

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Christ is risen! After having a discussion with Fr. Iulian, we are moving Sunday school to the end of liturgy. This way, the entire parish can benefit from listening to the father talking. It is vital for our children to participate in the whole liturgy, and have the Church’s teachings reinforced through Sunday school lessons. If you have any question or concerns, please let us know. Also, we are looking for ideas and participants for activities such as a trip to St. Paraskevi monastery, or an evening of fellowship for our kids at a bowling alley. If you would like to participate, we will make a sign up sheet.

Thank you
Your servant in God,
Lia Oprea

Article of the Day

The Importance of Involvememt
by Arete Zafiriou / MET YOUTH, NOVEMBER 11, 2013

With the many different activities accessible for the youth today, it can be easy to forego one of the most important. Often our extracurricular activities or our favorite television shows overlap with activities within our church. However, we must not forget the importance of being involved with our church.
What does it mean to be involved with the church? This means being immersed in our faith through prayer and liturgy, but also interacting with other members. As we try to grow in our faith, helping others to do the same is important – others who might need guidance, or support, or even just a friend.
What are some great ways to get involved? There are many youth groups who encourage membership. There are groups such as GOYA (Greek Orthodox Youth Association) or camps such as Camp Metamorphosis, spread across the country. There are also associations within local churches. These groups are great for teaching the youth about their faith, and also for introducing them to other youth who share their same values.
Getting involved in your church is not only important, but also beneficial. It helps strengthen your commitment to your faith, it introduces you to a supportive group of friends, it presents influential people you can look up to, but it also is a lot of fun. So make an effort to join a new association, or even to go to church for special services and feast days. Being supportive of your church community, you will get support in return.

Named in Christ
Christians have long chosen the names of Saints to proclaim their link with their spiritual family, the Church. The name may be of a Saint commemorated on or near to the day of the child’s birth, or for whom the family has a special devotion. Likewise, an adult received into the Orthodox Church chooses a Saint’s name to whom he/she has a strong attachment. In days past, this was often a costly witness for believers living in a non-Christian society, as their very names (Nicholas or George, Elias or Barbara) labeled them as Christians.

Each day of the year, the Church honors a number of Saints. The day the Church honors one’s Saint is one’s “Name Day,” an occasion to honor the memory of the Saint whose name we bear, and to give thanks for his/her daily intercession on our behalf. Individuals whose names are not found on the Calendar of Saints celebrate on All Saints Day, the Sunday after Pentecost.

We are to pray and have a special devotion to our Patron Saint. His or her life should be read and studied so that we learn how our lives should be directed. Our Patron Saint becomes a true hero/heroine for us to emulate.


Prayer for Peace

Almighty God and Creator, You are the Father of all people on the earth. Guide, I pray, all the nations and their leaders in the ways of justice and peace. Protect us from the evils of injustice, prejudice, exploitation, conflict and war. Help us to put away mistrust, bitterness and hatred. Teach us to cease the storing and using of implements of war. Lead us to find peace, respect and freedom. Unite us in the making and sharing of tools of peace against ignorance, poverty, disease and oppression. Grant that we may grow in harmony and friendship as brothers and sisters created in Your image, to Your honor and praise. Amen.

Questions for older students

  1. Who has the authority to grant eternal life? How does he grant this?
  2. What is eternal life according to this Gospel?
  3. What do you think this means, “to know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent?” How do we come to “know” God according to this Gospel?
  4. If knowing God and Jesus Christ whom he sent is eternal life, what does that suggest about life after we die? What does that suggest about life right now?
  5. Given this definition of eternal life, can we have eternal life now? Why or why not?
  6. What do you think about this? Why?

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Please fill out a Sunday School application.
While all children at any time are welcome to participate, it would greatly help us to have the
forms filled out for accountability purposes. We also have Stuartship cards next to them.