More, please… or Thank You

What would you do if somebody gave you a whole lot of something you like very much? A whole bag of chocolate candy, maybe. Would you say “Can I have some more?” or would you say, “Thank you!”? Most of us wouldn’t be so greedy to ask for more, would we?

Today we hear the parable in the Gospel about the greedy man who had everything. Instead of saying “Thank you” to God, to his workers, and to his family, he really thought, “How can I get more?” He wanted to pull down his storage bins and build bigger ones.

This week, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, when we thank God and each other for what we have. But really, that day should just be a reminder to say “thank you” more often. After all, God gives us so much all year long! How many times do we say “Can I have some more?” to our Lord, instead of just “Thank you!”

Right before the Gospel passage for today, we read, “Jesus said, ‘Be careful and guard against all kinds of greed. A man’s life is not measured by the many things he owns.’” When we have greedy hearts, we just want more. When we have grateful hearts, we can just say “thank you”


Do your parents have big plans for you?
Sometimes mothers and fathers do have big plans for their kids…maybe even before they are grown up! A basketball star, or a professor, or even a priest. Parents might even push their kids to follow their own plans!
Tomorrow, we celebrate one of the 12 great feasts of our Orthodox Church. It’s the day when Mary entered the Holy Temple, to dedicate her life to God. Her parents, Saints Joachim and Anna, took their little girl there. They wanted her to be close to God—to love Him very much and to serve Him all her life. And Mary did, didn’t she? Years later, God chose Mary to hold His own Son and to be His mother. She grew up to be the closest person to God—and that was more than her parents could ever wish for!

Mothers and fathers might be wishing that you’ll grow up to be something special. But still, you have a choice. Let’s always remember that we have a choice—just as Mary had a choice—if we want to live close to God. Our parents might make plans, or they might want one thing. But God gives us the choice to be near Him or to turn away from Him. It’s up to you to make the right choice, just as Mary made the right choice too!

We celebrate the feast day of the Entrance tomorrow, November 21st.