Nazareth Rejects Jesus as the Son of Joseph

Cyril of Alexandria: Since they did not understand Christ who had been anointed and sent by God, who was the Author of such wonderful works, they returned to their usual ways and said foolish and useless things about him. They wondered at the words of grace that he spoke. Yet they treated these words as worthless. They said, “Isn’t this Joseph’s son?” But how does this diminish the glory of the Worker of the miracles? What prevents him from being both venerated and admired, even had he been, as was supposed, Joseph’s son? Don’t you see the miracles?
Satan is fallen, the herds of devils are vanquished, and multitudes are set free from various kinds of sicknesses. You praise the grace that was present in his teachings. Do you, then, in Jewish fashion, think lightly of him, because you thought Joseph was his father? How absurd! Truly is it said about them, “See! They are a foolish people. They are without understanding! They have eyes and don’t see, ears, and do not hear.” Commentary on Luke, Homily 12