Our Priest

Fr. Iulian Anitei was born in Romania.

In 1993 he graduated from Veniamin Costache Seminary near Neamtu Monastery. Upon graduation in 1993 he was admitted to the A. I. Cuza University in Iasi, Romania, for a master of divinity degree.

In August 2001, he was ordained to the holy diaconate (at Neamtu Monastery) and to the holy priesthood (at the Metropolitan Cathedral at Iasi) by his Emminence Metropolitan Daniel of Moldavia (now the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Christian Church), on behalf of the chapel of the Metropolitan Center at Durau.

In 2002 , Fr. Iulian earned a master of theology degree from Holy Cross Greek School of Theology in Boston, Massachusetts. Then he moved from Alaska, where he was living, to San Antonio, Texas. where he was assigned to serve at the Annunciation Chapel. Since 2002, Fr. Iulian has been a member of the Romanian Archdiocese in the Americas.

In 2003, he organized the Romanian Orthodox community in Austin, where they now have a chapel and a priest serving since 2007.

In 2004, he began traveling to Houston to assist a pan-Orthodox Christian group interested in starting a mission. The community in Houston purchased a property this spring of 2011.

Fr. Iulian is married and has seven children. He currently lives in the hill country of New Braunfels, Texas, enjoying the beauty of nature and the heat of the Texas summer. Fr. Iulian has a strong interest in the field of bioethics. He is the author of numerous articles and translations in this field. He is also on the board of Christian Bioethics Journal. He attends national and international conferences in this field.

Parish Council

Fr. Julian Anitei (Parish Priest)
George Abuata (Parish Council President)
Dan Stan (Vice President)
Gabriel Haddad (Secretary)
John Dakkour (Tresurer)
Mourice Shaghoury (Auditor)
Marius Godja (Auditor)
Timothy Krill (Chanter)
Daniela Abayan (Ladies Auxiliary)
Elena Stan (Religious Education)
Anca Theodora William (Youth Director)